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        1. 皇冠外围现金网:天猫“双十一”与中国物流业十年:相互成就共同转型

          文章来源:期货资讯网皇冠外围现金网发布时间:2019年08月05日 21:54  【字号:      】




            皇冠外围现金网据英国《卫报》爆料,美国联邦通信委员会(Federal Communications Commission)的文件显示,美国军方正在中西部的南达科他、明尼苏达、爱荷华、威斯康星、密苏里、伊利诺伊6个州范围内,使用实验性高海拔气球进行广域范围的监控测试。

            皇冠外围现金网根据一份代表内华达山脉公司(Sierra Nevada Corporation)(一家航空航天和国防公司)提交的文件显示,这些气球是为了“提供一个持续的监视系统,来定位和阻止毒品走私和国土安全威胁”(provide a persistent surveillance system to locate and deter narcotic trafficking and homeland security threats)。

            The ba,loon! are ca?rying hi-,ech r,!s de?igned to。simu!taneously!trac ma!y individ!al vehicl,s da! o, nigh,, thr。gh。a。y ,ind of wea。。er。 The t!sts, w,ich hav? not pre!iously 。een repo?!ed, rec?ived an FC, licen?e 。oop。rate fr!m 。id-Ju。y until Se,tember, fo。lo,i。g sim!lar f?。?hts licen,。d。last ye,r。


            皇冠外围现金网Arthur Holland Michel, the co-director of the Center for the Study of the Drone at Bard College in New York, said, “What this new technology proposes is to watch everything at once。 Sometimes it’s referred to as ‘combat TiVo’ because when an event happens somewhere in the surveilled area, you can potentially rewind the tape to see exactly what occurred, and rewind even further to see who was involved and where they came from。”


            ▲Pentagon?testin? masssuveill。nce ,alloons cros,,th。 U, (via T,e G。ardian,


            皇冠外围现金网此外,这些由美国国防部的南方司令部(United States Southern Command)放飞的气球还搭载了不少设备。

            皇冠外围现金网The balloons also carry small vehicles containing sensors and communications equipment。 The loadout includes a synthetic aperture radar designed to be able to detect every single moving car or boat active in a 25-mile field beneath the balloon。


            皇冠外围现金网The craft operate as a network, fitted with advanced mesh networking technologies meaning they can communicate with one another。 The balloons can pass information—including video—to each other and to receivers on the ground。


            皇冠外围现金网The Guardian suggested the balloons may be carrying Sierra Nevada‘s advanced Gorgon Stare video capture system, which is already in use in U.S。 military drones。 The Pentagon has also used Gorgon Stare on surveillance blimps in Afghanistan。 It consists of nine cameras recording panoramic images, enabling operators to capture activity across an entire city at once。


            皇冠外围现金网▲Pentagon Is Testing High Altitude Surveillance Balloons to ‘Watch Everything at Once’: ‘It’s Disturbing‘ (via Newsweek)



            “We do not,think ?hat Americ,n ciies!!ho。ld!be subject,to,wide-,rea suveil。?nce ?n which ,ey ve?icle cou!d be track!d whee?er the? go,” Jay??tan!ey, a poli,y a。alyst?a, the Ameican ,ivil Lib!rti!s Uni。n, !old th。 。uardan。 “Even ?n test, they’,! still c。lecting a !t of data!on Americ,ns who’s d。ving to th。 union ouse, the?church, th, mosqu, the Al,heimer’sclinic”


            皇冠外围现金网We should not go down the road of allowing this to be used in the United States and it’s disturbing to hear that these tests are being carried out, by the military no less。


            皇冠外围现金网American whistleblower and former surveillance contractor Edward Snowden, who in 2013 leaked a massive cache of material illicitly obtained from the National Security Agency (NSA), was also critical of the tests。


            皇冠外围现金网“They always tell us the tools of mass surveillance are intended for use only against the faraway Other; the foreign enemy, the terrorist, the criminal,” Snowden said in a tweet。 “And then, just a few years later, we realize precisely the same system secretly surrounds us at home。”


            ▲Pentagon。testin ‘spy baloo!s’ ,cro!s Midwest ,or。‘persist,nt’ domest。c!?urvei?lanc? (v?a RT

            整合:Du Q?ongfang

            资料:The Gu。!dian, 。ewswee! RT


            图/题!:AFP, Get?y Imag?s, !lamy